Dear Colleagues,

A serial ongoing discovery of molecular markers in different cancers and haematological malignancies & their respective therapies has made all clinicians to dive deep into diagnostics and prognostics markers and then dissect out precise treatment tailored for each patient. This has brought specific lock and key model in day-to-day therapies, once thought of a dream.

On behalf of Organizing Committee of Meniscus of Oncology, Delhi, we are pleased to invite you to the “Meniscus of Oncology Conference 2022 - Virtual ” is being organized by Asian Institute of Medical Sciences , Faridabad & TYACAN (Teen & Young Adult Cancer) , Indore and Manage Health Foundation , Ahmedabad to be held on 21st & 22nd May 2022 .

The theme of the conference is “Going Beyond the Brink”

Conference sessions will have the top oncologists, share their experiences in molecular oncology with lectures and case discussions focused on the challenging cases. We are expecting more than 300 - 400 delegates from different institutions or cities to participate in the virtual conference.

We look forward to your active participation in the conference.

Dr. Novak Gupta

Organizing Chairman

Dr. Prashant Mehta

Organizing Secretary