Dear Friends,

We are pleased to invite your organization to participate in the the 1st International Conference on "Innovations by NGOs in Diabetes Care" being organized from 12th to 14th August 2021 on the virtual platform.

The objective of the conference is to bring all stakeholders on a common platform. We hope that this will bring us together in the Fight Against Diabetes & its complications by Collaborative Advocacy at the National level. This can open doors of collaborations to work together for Diabetes Prevention, Screening for Early Diagnosis, Improving Access to Care at the District Level & deeper, Complete treatment without breaks or delays.

Conference program will be covering Needs & Need GAPs in Diabetes Care: Expectations of Different Stake Holders from NGO Groups, Workshop for Newer NGO’s, Mentor- Mentees group development, How to collaborate?; Burn out- How to recognize, prevent and handle?; Where and how meditation and Yoga can fit during and after diagnosis; Financial and Resource management; Creating and managing volunteer force , Marital Issues in Patients with Juvenile Diabetes, Many more topics will be added in the final program.

Who should participate?

NGO's & Volunteers working in Diabetes Care for public Awareness, Early Diagnosis of NCD, patient support groups, Healthcare providers, palliative care experts, Diabetologist, Endocrinologist, Dietician, Diabetic Surgeon, Podologist, Ophthalmologist, Retina Specialist, Nephrologist, Experts working for capacity building in the area of Diabetes care.

Why should you Participate?

Being our objective, there is further need to join hands in the Fight against Diabetes by Collaborative Advocacy work at National level & with International bodies for Diabetes Care, Screening for Early Diagnosis, and Timely Diagnosis by Avoiding Delay in reporting or Wrong Diagnosis, Improving Access to Care by making Diabetes Care at District Level & deeper, Complete treatment with breaks or delays.

We will also be incorporating your NGO/Organization Logo on the conference website on first cum first serve basis with the link to your website, so the people in need can get connected to you. We will also like to have brief details about your NGO / Organization in word, pdf or video format, so we can include the same on the website.

We will be grateful to the leadership of Professional Bodies of Healthcare Providers, Government bodies & Non-Governmental organizations working for Diabetes Care to come together to this conference for discussions of the challenges and finding out possible solutions.

Kindly send your details in Word, PDF or PPT format via email to